Month: March 2013

  • Using An RSS Feed Makes Your Website Info As Fresh As Sushi!

    By using an RSS feed for website content website builders can make updating more automatic and less manual. If I wanted to use RSS feeds for my website I might be building a news related website. News related websites are one of the top types of sites that can seriously benefit from an RSS feed […]

  • RSS Publishing Basics

    If you own or write for website you may wonder where to find RSS feeds for my website. With an RSS feed for websites savvy users can subscribe to your content posts or you can use other sites feeds to populate your site. If you are working other jobs and updating your site as a […]

  • Why Set Up A RSS For My Website?

    Many people who have a website might be wondering about why they should set up a RSS for my website. Quite simply, a RSS for website offers visitors to that website the opportunity to subscribe to future posts that are made on it. This is a valuable service that many people enjoy, particularly when they […]