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Fast and Convenient RSS News Feeds

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When the Netscape portal released the original version of RSS in March of 1999, it was then called RDF. These letters stood for Resource Description Framework. The original concept behind RDF could be traced back to 1995, and specifically the Meta Content Framework that was developed by Apple’s Advanced Technology Group.

In July 1999, Netscape released its first updated version of RDF, which known as RSS 0.91. During this time, RSS was met with wide approval by web publishers who were looking for a fast and easy way to syndicate their content across the web. Since 1999, RSS been a top choice for web users longing for the convenience of instantly receiving news via RSS feeds for websites they used.

When you think of all of the internet trends and websites that have come and gone since the dawn of the new millennium, it makes you wonder how anything on the web can last 15 years? According to mostpopularwebsite.net, only four of the top ten web destinations have been around as long as

Blog RSS Feeds for Dummies

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With all the talk about RSS feeds and syndication, it might be helpful to break down the terms and explain what the process entails and what it can do for both your current and future readership.

  • “What IS an RSS feed for my website?” RSS stands either for “Rich Site Summary” or, more commonly, “Really Simple Syndication”. At their most basic level, RSS feeds for websites are simple bits of coding that make it possible for readers to get updates from your blog without having to check your site every day. Whenever you post new content, they are automatically notified and sent a link, simplifying both their browsing experience and your distribution.
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  • “Why should I bother with RSS for my website?” The Internet is awash with information. Readers are presented with a seemingly infinite buffet of material to choose from, and if one source does not deliver, the next one in line will be more than happy to step up. Having a great blog is ob