Different Treatment Options for Male Hair Loss – Rochester NY Newspapers

We discuss five of the top solutions for losing hair.

A beard transplant can hide receding hairlines. The procedure lets you get a more full and natural looking beard, without having to worry about the appearance of your hairline.

A solution for those suffering from male pattern hair loss is to undergo hair transplant surgery with an expert in male hair loss. This highly complicated procedure of grafting hair from the hairline to regions of the scalp that hair loss has occurred allows patients to increase the size and volume of hair that was lost. If you’re looking for an authentic, more natural appearance to your hairline that doesn’t require any prosthetics at all, a hair transplant is a great alternative.

Micrografting is a different non-surgical procedure which is growing in popularity. Micrografting is a method in which hair follicles harvested off the scalp, then rearranged across another part of the face, allowing the user to have a more full and more natural looking hairline. It is possible to use this technique but only for certain areas of the head. Additionally, there are some risk involved like hair loss.