Getting A Better Understanding Of Rape Attorneys – Community Legal Services

Their clients can file civil suits where they seek financial damages against the perpetrators of the horrific crimes they have committed. They can also sue their employers and owners of property if they’ve suffered a rape.

Alongside monetary compensation the rape lawyer can assist the victim file a civil protection order against the perpetrator. These orders are essential where the person who is responsible for the rape is known to them, in the case of a friend, relative teacher, coach employer, religious leader, therapist, etc. These can be a source of security for the victimas well as aid in stopping the victim from being attacked in the future.

An attorney who handles rape cases isn’t just available to assist with cases of rape. Attorneys for rape can also assist victims of other forms of sexual assault. These include: date or acquaintance sexual assault, unintentional touching or coerced sexual contact sexual exploitation, sexual harassment and marital rape. They also assist with sexual contact with minors, and all other forms of sexual contact for which no consent has been given. o6asqqou9l.