How are 6 million pounds of electronics recycled? – Technology Magazine

The electronic waste they receive mostly comes from workplace equipment such as computer laptops and phones.

The final option they have is recycling the material, but they are trying to reuse or repurpose it first. First stop is the scalewhere weight is transferred to their data center and is tagged using an RFID bar code. Recycling facilities are built around two separate sides which are reused on one and recycle on the side.

Screens, motherboards and processors of the “reuse” part. Clean the components and verify their functionality before they are sent back to stock for sale. The large hard drives removed from servers or computers are secured behind high-security and have access restricted. Hard drives are cleansed of any data prior to being sold.

When electronics can not be reused, they are prepared for recycling on the other side of the electronics and metal recycling facilities. First “De-Manufacturing” refers to the process of “depackaging” toxic materials and “de-packaging”. Since harmful substances could be explosive, or cause damage to the environment, it is essential to eliminate them prior to electronics go to shredders.