How Does T Shirt Printing Work? – Art Magazines Online

Perhaps you’ve worn ear-printed t-shirts every day and yet you’re not aware of the way t-shirt printing operates. T shirt printing is difficult, however keep reading to learnt he fundamental steps to t-shirt printing.

The first step is to design your logo or image.

Following that, the design is then uploaded to a specific machine to cut the logo out on social paper that sticks to clothes and is protected by a film on top.

The logo printed on paper might not be perfect. Printing professionals might need to take the logo’s edges to the right place using a device so that they can create clear lines. Similar to what is done using Cricut Cricut This process may be repeated.

It is the next stage to insert the clothes into the press machine. It operates just like an iron. The area is now ready to be used. Once the design has been located in the proper spot The press machine closes to secure your logo onto the shirt. The process is that simple!

For more details on how T-shirt printing functions, watch the video above!