How to Create Male Figure Art for Sale – you can’t buy culture

“Es Step 1 and 2. (of 4) Finding the Right Pose and Proportions” This book provides helpful advice to help you begin selling male models. We’ll tell you more.

It’s easy to master drawing male figures , if you’ve had at least some previous experience drawing females. Do not be afraid if this is the first time you’ve attempted. The video below outlines the process and then begins with croquis building. For those who are still learning, they have to breakdown their numbers like they do in this video, as this is the most effective method to become confident. When you’ve done that it, you’ll be able to skip a few steps.

Before you start putting pen to paper, you should find visual references. Search for male models online or look up images in magazines. Be sure to ensure that they don’t have much clothing which allows you to concentrate upon their body shape, poses, the indentations of their muscles, and so on. Then you can decide if you like drawing muscular guys or slimmer men.

To learn more about the male sculptures that are available, you can view the remainder of the video.