How to Install an Electric Water Heater – Melrose Painting

It is important for homeowners to know when it is time to change their water heaters such as in this short video. An expert must be involved in the construction of water heaters. A good plumber should be experienced in electrical, plumbing as well as ventilation.

In order to install a water heater, the installer begins by finding which location is suitable for the tank. The next step is to place the water heater in a drain pan. The installer can then put in this valve when the water heater’s TandP relief valve hasn’t been set up. The valve is automatically opened when temperature or pressure becomes too high.

The next procedure is to connect an outlet pipe for the TandP valve on the drain or floor. Then, they will install containers under the space where the water is flowing from. They then will utilize an adapter hose kit to join to the water line. The application of plumber’s tape to the heat trap’s nipples threads and then fixing the hoses is needed.

Experts are able to attach the fittings onto the pipe before putting in the compression rings and nuts. Seismic traps are essential when it comes to the water heater installation procedure. Plumbers can put them up if the area is prone to earthquakes. s1eecoqk5d.