How to Prepare for Divorce Mediation – J Search

Concerning divorce mediation, they are advised to prepare themselves to avoid getting caught in the middle and make sure that they are able to get the best outcome. What could spouses do to be prepared for mediation? The video’s narrator says that one of the ways spouses can be prepared for mediation is by going over their financial circumstances. In the beginning, before the mediation process can begin the spouses must review all documents and speak with their lawyers.

The other way that spouses can prepare for mediation for divorce is to prepare their minds. Mediators must go through every document to ensure that even the most peaceful divorce can be completed in one day. It’s essential that both parties have the mental capacity to handle the difficult process.

Preparing for disputes is the fourth method that spouses may use to prepare for mediation. There are numerous issues which can come up during divorce proceedings, such as child custody, support and financial support. Property distribution is yet another point of contention. This means that during mediation, disputes will arise as couples are open to compromise in order to aid the outcome of the mediation process.