How to Use Your Enneagram Training With Teams – Work Flow Management

Watch this video to learn more about enneagram as well as how it could be useful when working with teams. This video describes how Enneagram could make a distinction in how employees communicate within an organisation. Enneagram, an approach to character typing, describes the types of patterns people employ to interpret the world and control their feelings. The enneagram method uses diagrams to illustrate the types of personality and how they relate.

The Enneagram can be an extremely effective instrument to help ensure the wellbeing and long-term viability of multilateral groups. Understanding one’s enneagram type and how it impacts their perceptions helps to widen their perspective and the way one reacts to different situations as well as how one interacts with one another. When training in enneagrams is used within the company, it can help individuals reduce conflict. Disputes arise when there are conflicts in the personality and miscommunication, thus having an enneagram type within the company creates an environment where honest dialogue can happen, leading to the likelihood of fewer arguments. The system allows managers to be in deep dialogue with employees , creating an atmosphere that is open and transparent within the company. Enneagram assists employees in finding meaning and increase productivity in the workplace.