Important Legal Terms in Family Law – Legal Terms Dictionary

This video will offer clarity and explanation about what’s happening. This video will provide certain terms that are essential to family law.

A motion, petitioner or complaint are the same things. Petitioners, sometimes referred to as plaintiffs, present their motion. The person receiving it is the person who is called the respondent or defendant. To avoid any legal repercussions the defendant has to respond within the deadlines set by the motion or the petition.

If the response of the other party is to the petition and you are in a discovery phase. It is a time when the two parties exchange information to one another, and working with attorneys to build their case. The number of issues that need to be resolved as well as the timelines of each state will decide the time frame for this process.

A consent judgement is submitted in the courtroom for the judge’s approval if you and your counterpart have reached an agreement. It is a summary of the agreement that the parties have reached and then the judge can be able to approve the agreement. You can find more details by clicking the link to the video.