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Y Care TOUR …” This is the second location-based childcare center.

A open-concept style is used in the front administration office. There aren’t any doors. There are no doors to allow easy movement between the front office as well as the adjacent corridor as well as the kitchen. As opposed to cooking inside the kitchen area, food is cooked and then delivered to the childcare. The kitchen can be used for storage, staff breaks and general office use.

The capacity that is licensed for the center-based daycare establishment is 44 children. There are 36 children presently enrolled. The daycare center offers four classes, including an infant pre-school, toddler, as well as school-age rooms. From the age of six weeks to 12 years of age can be monitored in the daycare center. The children are placed in rooms according to the age of their children.

The center-based childcare facility also features a parking lot that can be used for outdoors activities as well as increases the accessibility of the center to outsiders. The entrance is large enough that parents can leave their children. The daycare center overall is extremely well designed.