Tactics Defense Lawyers Use – WORLD GLOBAL NEWS

lbelt of skills to use in courtrooms to convince or debunk evidence. This video shows the tricks of the trade and the best way to use to your advantage in your arguments.

A good strategy is to pose questions to which the only response is “yes”. Ask them several “yes” questions and then present the question that you believe they’ll deny. It is possible that they will be confused because they are in a routine of saying yes or a jury may imply they must answer yes.

You can also avoid saying anything. It creates an awkward silence that someone being asked questions or being argued with may seek to fill with talking. Talking is a natural human characteristic. One can gather a lot of information from other people just by watching them expectantly.

Analogies can be very helpful for analyzing situations. You can use one context or get someone else to accept your view and change to the other to determine if both people still believe in similar things.

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