The Sewer Line Repair Process – Andre Blog

However, a large portion of your dread and worry could be due to the uncertainty of about what you can expect. This video about the sewer line repairs will alleviate some anxiety and ensure you are ready for repairs.
A diagnosis of the issue is usually the very first step in the process of repairing an existing sewer line. The plumber will install cameras in the plumbing system and spray paint the pipe locations within your home. They will also mark overhead utility lines, and install sprinklers and electric dog fences in underground.
When a sewer camera reveals obstacles like trees or other debris then the next thing to do will usually be cleaning the drain. When performing a sewer cleaning an expert uses specialized plumbing equipment to free the pipes of any obstructions. Take steps to maintain your sewage system by having it checked each year. Also, cut back trees which are growing on the pipeline, and using your system in a proper manner.