What Are Some of the Best Golf Simulators You Can Buy? – Write Brave

Winter is here. Installing a simulator allows you to enjoy golf at the ease at home. You could even make it more enjoyable by setting up an whole room that makes you feel as if that you’re actually playing on the golf course.

In the video below, we’re presented with some of the best golf simulators on the market at the moment. The Optishot 2 is the cheapest available simulator, at $400. It’s not cheap considering your budget, however it gives you access to excellent golf courses right in the comfort of your home, and will allow you to achieve incredible control of your swing.

Trackman 4 is currently available for $17,000 . It’s among the most costly golf simulators. Trackman is a surprisingly expensive model, but it will provide a better simulator with more golf courses. It is possible that a higher priced golf simulator will be worth the cost if you are able to play a different hole each day. Watch the rest of the clip to discover which golf simulators are on the market today.