What Do Spina Bifida Patient Advocates Have to Say? – Dt W News

Tenting, however they can also offer an inspiration. Let’s learn more by watching the Youtube video, “Meet Brendan Downes 180 Medical Patient Advocate”.

The video shows a person who is named Brendan Downes, who is also a patient advocate and also a person with spina bifida. He has the distinct ability to work closely with his patients and understands firsthand the challenges they face.

Downes is the person responsible for interacting with patients and telling them that their lives aren’t over. He also educates the staff regarding handling patients properly and respectfully. The insights he provides help staff understand the circumstances and take better decision-making.

However, health problems are often a nightmare for the patient and their family members But a significant part of Downes’ role is providing the support and optimism for those suffering. Because he’s been through similar challenges similar to numerous of his patients it’s possible to provide encouragement. Sometimes, all it takes to feel supported and understood by another can be the support of a close friend.

You can check the rest of the video to find out more information on spina Bifida advocates and then contact us if are thinking you’ll need one. 58bh1pe43m.