What is a Labyrinth Ring Seal? – Best Online Magazine

It is a path that can be twisted that helps prevent leakage. The most common location to locate a labyrinth ring seal is in the axle’s bearing, where it helps prevent the fluid from leaking out.

Labyrinth seals are made up of groves, which are pressed tightly inside the axel. They may also have screen threads that run along the outside and inner portions which interlock for a slowing of the leakage.

Since many gas turbines have very high speeds of rotation, Labyrinth seals can be employed due to their absence of friction and long life. In rotating shafts, the labyrinth seals offer non-contact sealing actions by controlling the amount of liquid passing through chambers.

Though labrinth seals may be extremely beneficial however, they must be manufactured by labyrinth sealing manufacturers. in the United States, manufacturers account for 10.94 percent of the overall output , and employ 8.58 per cent of the total workforce. Whatever component you’re looking to purchase for, be it an graphite bushing or carbon ring shaft seal , or carbon bearing bush, make sure it’s manufactured by a company.

To find out more about labyrinth-ring seals, see this video!