What is the Difference Between Public and Private School? – Best Discount Movers

ndividuals, while public schools are run by the government.
Smaller Class Sizes

Private schools’ classes generally are smaller. There is more personal attention. Also, they offer more individual instruction. They usually emphasize particular learning theories.


The public schools are generally costlier than private school. Because tuition is not funded by the government, tuition must be paid out privately.

Alternative Curriculum

Private schools typically have a unique course. A few of them focus on educating children with physical or learning disabilities or those who are thought to be more intelligent than their peers.


Private schools have a higher level of selection. There are often applications for private schools that parents need to fill out. Aside from that, children are often required to take part in an examination.

The choice to send your child to public schools or to a private institution is a choice that is entirely personal. Each aspect must be weighed before making the final decision.