What is Welding? – Car Talk Podcast

Discover more about the welding process.

Welding isn’t something new and has been practiced since the fourth century. Modern welding techniques created the basis for the Industrial Revolution. Today, they are crucial for many sectors of the present.

The term “welding” is extremely general. There are various different joining techniques within welding. The most common types of welding are gas arc welding, submerged arc welding, as well as resistance welding. However, there are many more.

A welding shop for autos uses resistance welding as the main technique for joining metals during repairs. The process uses electricity current to generate heat through the resistance of two overlapping metals. This is in contrast to different processes.

Although welding might sound easy to comprehend, however it’s an activity that involves many complexities. It is not necessary to study the science behind welding in order to be able to comprehend it. Take a look at the video and learn more about the different processes of welding!